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Industrial Automation & IoT

Real time monitoring with Magnus IoT Edge™

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Magnus Code Industrial Automation

Our automation solutions allows you to maximize productivity and enhance your organisation’s workflow. Experts in system automation design and real time data monitoring. Have all your data, stream in real time to user dashboard. Monitor system usage, track performance, real time alerts, and more.

Some of our key industrial automation solutions includes:

Control system design - PLC with IoT Hub
PLC Image

Through our IoT solutions, we can create personalized analytics for your organization.

Our real time remote monitoring of processes in your workflow will facilitate a better planning and reduce interruption thus increasing productivity and add value to your work.

By collecting data from SCADA network, we can create organization specific remote application to enable monitoring of processes from any computer or mobile devices.

We can integrate real time data collection and trends with Computerised Maintenance Management System to help your organization tackle any issues before they even appear. Our personalised software will also let your organisation create your very own planned maintenance system, bringing your organization to the next level.